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Building and sustaining profitable life-cycle commitments

Member of the Danish Defence and Security Industries Association

AERORAS Consulting is proud to announce the recent membership of FAD, the Danish Defence and Security Industries Association. FAD is part of Dansk Industri, the Confederation of Danish Industry. With this membership, AERORAS Consulting moves closer to its customers and a basis for new endavours. We are delighted to be part of this group and…
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Competence Development – The Art of Matching Strategy with People

Coming up with a set of powerpoint slides that describes a new strategy is the easy bit. Even the work going into defining the strategy and maturing the ideas is fairly stragiht forward. The real work begins when defining what competencies are required to realize the strategy and how to develop those competencies. Defining the…
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Why is leadership important in keeping aircraft flying safely?

Why is leadership important in keeping aircraft flying safely? Most people I have been in contact with over the years are bright, knowledgeable, and motivated. Give them a task, or let them define the task, and they will do a good job. Is that not enough? In the context of a global world with expanding…
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Why indecision leads to failure – a perspective

Indecision is the absence of a leadership decision, where there should have been one. And I write ”should have been” on purpose, since a decision would arguably have supported the intended direction of the company better than no decision at all. Today, leadership decisions supporting strategy and business direction are often complex, dynamic and difficult…
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Company Presentation as Microsoft Sway

See the resent presentation of AERORAS Consulting as a Microsoft Sway – CLICK HERE.  

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Testimonials Updated

Throughout my carreer I have been fortunate to meet so many talented and great people. Some of those have chosen to write a recommendation for me on LinkedIn. These recommendations are now published under Testimonials! Have a look and see if you agree!

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Follow AERORAS on LinkedIn

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Calling all Aviation New-Comers!

For companies looking to expand into any aviation/aerospace segment, the task can be daunting. You might have a brilliant product, or are develping one, but the regulatory and commercial barriers seem high. AERORAS can help you in this process, ensuring that your organization pursue appropriate approvals, certifications and strategies. In essence, helping you build the…
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Launching AERORAS Consulting

AERORAS Consulting is open for business! AERORAS provides consultancy services through leadership and competence development in design, production and maintenance of aviation equipment. Building and sustaining profitable life-cycle commitments through organizational optimization in initial and continued airworthiness. Welcome on board!

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