People & Leadership

Building and sustaining profitable life-cycle commitments

People and leadership are at the core of AERORAS Consulting. We believe that results are delivered by human beings and that people make it all happen. In the essence of success, leadership then naturally becomes the most important attribute of all employees in enabling that success.

We therefore do not view leadership as a management attribute only, but as an integrated part of everybody in the organization.

In this light, AERORAS Consulting offers the following services:

Strategic Sparring

We know that setting the strategic direction for your company is a complex task. It involves a lot of stakeholders, analysis and guestimation, and multi-level discussions. Under the motto “complex to simplex”, AERORAS will help you define your strategy, the associated objectives and your communication plans.

We have done this succesfully for more than 20 years, crafting clarity and focus, thus reducing cost and organizational waste.

Executive Mentoring

Being an executive in the modern aviation, aerospace and defense markets requires a diligent mindset and strong leadership abilities. We help you maintain the focus and personal development schemes that are right for you, in your setting. We help you sort the shit from the cinnamon (as we say in Danish), allowing you to focus on the work that is important for you and the company. Our experience shows, that executives often battle mixed narratives. The focus on the daily work and arising issues need to be handled proactively. At the same time, planning for the future and ensuring profitability is a must.

This mix requires a strong mindset and a relentless dedication on choosing the right focus areas, enhacing staff satisfaction and involvement, thus reducing cost and time to market.

Leadership and Competence Development

Continuous development of the leadership skills and associated competencies is a prerequisite for your success. AERORAS Consulting helps you tailor development programs at all levels of organization, ensuring that the development is in lign with your strategic objectives. This will allow for a diligent execution on the objectives and thus drive your success through increased maturity. We have succesfully done this in multiple industries with both incumbents and new-comers.

Our experience is that a strong focus coupled with organizational sense-making is a potent recipe for success. The benefits are happier employees, better quality, and increased profitability.

This will build and sustain your life-cycle commitments.

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