Building and sustaining profitable life-cycle commitments

In our view, technology is about making the world a better place. Whether we are talking about new inventions, or upgrades, or new applications for new markets, technology is centered around achieving improvement. AERORAS Consulting provides services throughout the entire value-chain from conceptualization and business win, to removal and decommissioning of the product, part or appliance.

AERORAS Consulting offers services within these areas:

Concept Development and Customer Focus

With the customer always in mind, understanding the problem the concept will eliminate or improve on is key. AERORAS Consulting aids in your deeper understanding of the customer and the environment in which the technology will be inserted. With this, the development of the concept becomes centralized around the specific needs of your customers.

Over the years, we have done this successfully for multiple airlines and leading aerospace companies, resulting in better products, happier customers and increased market-share and profitability.

Certification Strategies

Getting a product, part or appliance on an aircraft and ensuring initial and continued airworthiness is key for your success. AERORAS Consulting will work with you to craft the right certification strategy from the get go, developing the fit for your application. This might be a full Type Certificate, an STC, an ETSO/TSO approval, an FAA PMA or a Minor Change. Whatever path you choose to enable the market success of your design, AERORAS is there to advise you on your options and choices.

We have done this with success for leading aerospace incumbents and STC-providers. The results have been shorter time to market with reduced waste and cost, improved quality and increased profitability.

Development and Design

Once the concept is described, it is crucial to conduct the development and design within agreed budget, time and quality. AERORAS Consulting will help you assert the planned activities, whether it being developing the process and quality standards to ensure product performance or repeatability for future endeavours.

Our experience is that this greatly improves time to market, lowering project costs and raises quality.

This will help you build and sustain the life-cycle commitments.

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