Building and sustaining profitable life-cycle commitments

In today’s world, business development is essential in maintaining and expanding a market position. This is true for any business in any industry. The key to success is to develop the business in the right direction with the right focus and attitude, ensuring that the capability of the company sustains the strategic obejctives.

The way we see it, any company in the aviation, aerospace and defense sectors has the inherent potential to become successful. Most of our clients have a distinguished history and success already proven. Although never enough to guarantee future growth and success, a strong DNA is vital in crafting the future.

AERORAS Consulting offers these services to help you with your future:

Market and Product Development Strategies

We believe that the focus of future market and products need to align with the capabilities, existing or future, of your company. Any successful business builds on the ability to deliver on promises, whether that being a product and/or a service. AERORAS Consulting will help you craft your market and product strategies and couple them with the capabilities of your business. Ensuring this alignment will enable your timely success.

We have done this for leading aerospace companies, logistics companies and MRO’s with success.

Organization and Process Design

The outcome af any strategic effort is a substantiation of the organization, its capabilities, processes, skills and competencies. AERORAS Consulting enables your success through focus on your organizational design as a function of your required capabilities and processes. We help you with a clear line of sight between what you want to achieve and how you actually frame your company to achieve the goal.

We have done this successfully repeatedly during the past 20 years, optimizing airlines operations, MRO’s and leading aerospace companies.

Sub-Tier and Partner Development

In today’s fast-paced world, it it difficult to do everything yourself. And you shouldn’t! With focus on your company’s strengths and capabilities, you can find the right partners in order to make your business a success. In the aviation industry this comes with a set of given obligations and commitments. AERORAS Consulting can help you define the requirements on partners, partner selection, ensuring that long-lasting relationships sustain your business.

Several leading aerospace companies have harvested the benefit of partner development over the years.

Regulations and Compliance

A prerequisite for success is a clear understanding of the rules and regulations of which you are required to show compliance. A good and solid working understanding of regulations and compliance is a competitive advantage to your company, enabling you to act faster and deliver better quality. This agility will allow you to save cost, increase market share and build profitable relationships with your customers. AERORAS Consulting will help you understand and implement the requirements from regulations, ensuring compliance, auditability and minimizing your workload associated with these activities.

We have done this with airlines, MRO’s and leading aerospace companies for more than two decades.

This enables you to build and sustain your life-cycle commitments and obligations over time.

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